Pollster: Latinos show gender gap when it comes to President Trump

Latino male voters, especially middle-aged ones, are more supportive of President TrumpDonald TrumpKushner lands book deal, slated for release in 2022 Biden moves to undo Trump trade legacy with EU deal Progressives rave over Harrison's start at DNC MORE than female voters, a pollster who has described Hispanics as the "X Factor" told Hill.TV.

A recent poll by Equis Research showed President Trump largely unpopular among Hispanic voters across 10 states surveyed by the firm, with low marks on immigration and health care and mixed approval on the economy.

But there was a gender gap: middle-aged Latino men between 45 and 65 were more likely to support Trump, while female Latino voters were much less supportive, said Stephanie Valencia, Equis Labs’ co-founder.

“Folks think that, especially men think, that he’s more in control of the economy and are responding well and giving him high marks for that,” Valencia said in an interview with Hill.TV. 

But Valencia added Latino women are much less supportive and more likely to back a Democrat, pointing to Trump’s “rhetoric and tone” on health care and immigration issues for driving them away. 

“These are really kitchen table issues and issues that affect people’s everyday lives, and I think women have more ‘spidey-sense’ for kind of hearing these things and really kind of connecting them back to Donald Trump,” Valencia said. 

“We are seeing both on health care and immigration, and this is kind of where we see the swing in the other direction with women, they’re judging him very harshly on immigration and health care, and even within the economy and support on the economy there’s some softness,” she added. 

The survey studied 8,100 interviews with registered Hispanic voters, with samples representative of state population for age, gender and party affiliation. 

 —Marina Pitofsky