Opinion by: Krystal Ball

Times are dark. The world is troubled. Something called "black rod" is destroying our greatest ally. Let’s indulge if you will join me in a plausible fantasy of sorts. You ready? What if Bernie SandersBernie SandersDemocrats redefine center as theirs collapses Speculation swirls around whether Bloomberg will make Las Vegas debate stage Pelosi: 'I'm not counting Joe Biden out' MORE won Texas?

Yes. Yes. I know it’s a bit irresponsible. Usually, I chalk Democratic dreams of a blue Texas to the same sort of thinking that brought us the inevitability of the coalition of the ascendant and 100% certainty that Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump administration eyes proposal to block jet engine sales to China: report Trump takes track to open Daytona 500 Brazile 'extremely dismayed' by Bloomberg record MORE was going to lose. But a new poll has got my heart beating and mind racing and I just can’t resist.  

Univision just did a big poll of Texas including those general election hypothetical matchups that all of the pollsters have warned you about and here’s what they found. None other than the O.G democratic socialist, Medicare For All championing, class warfare waging Bernie frickin’ Sanders beating Trump by 6 points. That margin was better than any of the other candidates including Mr. “electable” Joe BidenJoe BidenDemocrats redefine center as theirs collapses Speculation swirls around whether Bloomberg will make Las Vegas debate stage Pelosi: 'I'm not counting Joe Biden out' MORE and Mr. Texas-is-my-home-state Julian CastroJulian CastroConway: Trump is 'toying with everybody' by attacking Bloomberg for stop-and-frisk comments Democratic rivals sharpen attacks as Bloomberg rises Sanders holds commanding edge among Democrats in Latino donations: study MORE. Remember, not only is Sanders a self-described democratic socialist but he is also calling to end all subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, ban fracking, and ultimately eliminate fossil fuel use altogether. And this is Texas!

The same poll also looked at the dem primary. Here they found Sanders in 3rd trailing Biden and Beto *but* a deep dive into the demographics revealed why Sanders may be running so surprisingly well in the general election in Texas. He has a secret strength with Latinos. Looking at Latinos nationwide, Sanders has the highest favorability rating of any candidate at an impressive 67%. So it all begs the question: can Bernie Sanders mess with Texas? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

If there is any state that typifies prototypical “’Murica” where the trucks and the guns are big and the social safety net is oh so small, it’s Texas. And that is precisely the place where we are told Sanders brand of politics should be a complete utter disaster. After all, chamber of commerce type conservatives love nothing more than to opine on the great virtues of Texas. The low taxes, the low regulation, delightfully paired with a low investment in education, health care and really anything else that might be of use to their working-class citizens. Texas is the Reagan republicans dream come alive in America…I mean minus Austin. Ya know, let’s just not talk about those pinko commies in Austin.

Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanPaul Ryan says Biden likely won't get Democratic nomination Judd Gregg: Honey, I Shrunk The Party The Hill's Morning Report — Dems detail case to remove Trump for abuse of power MORE weeps?

I’m not saying that Paul Ryan would weep if Bernie Sanders won Texas but it’s definitely possible. I don’t care whether you love him or hate him if you are a democrat the thought of Sanders and his democratic socialism winning in Texas should absolutely delight you.

I mean honestly, the fact that this poll is even remotely plausible should destroy every Clintonian, third way, DCCC myth about who is “electable.” This whole notion that to win back rural America we’ve got to bury deep down what we actually think about things. That “being responsible” means allowing millions to languish with low wages and inadequate health care. That we can get away with ignoring or actively screwing working people if we just engage in the right woke virtue signaling.

So I’ve made a list of demands. Just a few things that I believe must happen out of fair play if Bernie does in fact go on to win Texas. Consider this a living document to be amended and expanded between now and 2020. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments of course. Ok here’s what I’ve got.

If Bernie Sanders wins Texas, Third Way has to sponsor the next D.S.A. convention. Joe ManchinJoseph (Joe) ManchinOvernight Health Care: Appeals court strikes down Medicaid work requirements | Pelosi's staff huddles with aides on surprise billing | Senate Dems pressure Trump to drop ObamaCare lawsuit Senate Democrats pressure Trump to drop ObamaCare lawsuit Manchin not ruling out endorsing Trump reelection MORE must cosponsor the green new deal. AOC becomes speaker of the house, and justice democrats take over the DCC. Everyone who was involved in the “don’t campaign in Michigan strategy” is barred from being on your tv forever. Cornell west takes over Meet the Press from Chuck ToddCharles (Chuck) David ToddCandidates make electability arguments, talk Bloomberg as focus turns to more diverse states Biden says he has to do 'really well' in South Carolina Biden urges Sanders to take accountability for supporters' threats on culinary union MORE. New hosts of morning joe are killer mike and Susan Sarandon.

Now, this is just a start and frankly, it seems like the absolute bare minimum that should be required of the establishment. Because in reality, the fact Sanders could win Texas is proof that FDR style class centric-economic populism is not only just it’s also a winning strategy. And y’all have been standing in the way of progress for far too long.