Krystal Ball rips Limbaugh over false claim about nude photo: It’s not your job to shame me or any other young woman

Hill.TV Host Krystal Ball hit back at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh after he wrongly accused her of posing nude when she was a teenager and posting the photos to social media.

Ball said his remarks were not only false, but also an attempt to undermine all women.

“It is not your job to be the moral police to shame me or any other young woman who is out there, who may have nude photos that come out,” Ball said while addressing Limbaugh during a monologue on Thursday.

“If they want to run for office, if they want to be political leaders, they still can and I want to make sure that I was able to put that message out there,” she added.

During a radio show last week, Limbaugh mentioned Ball while discussing a recent wave of House Republicans retiring.

“Remember the name Krystal Ball with a K? Some thought she was attractive. She was running for Congress,” the radio host said.

“She posed nude when she 14 or 15. She was outraged. ‘How dare you!’ I said, ‘What do you expect to happen? You put a picture of yourself nude on Facebook or MySpace or, you know, My Butt, whatever it is. Somebody’s gonna find that stuff.'”

Limbaugh later issued a correction to the transcript that was posted online to his website, acknowledging that Ball had never posed nude.

Ball refuted Limbaugh’s initial claim, saying such accusations couldn’t be further from the truth.

“First of all, I did not pose nude when I was 14 or 15,” Ball said in response to the comments. “Facebook and MySpace did not even exist when I was 14 or 15. I didn’t tweet about anything related to that.”

“I think what he is referring to in a very bizarre way is the fact that when I did run for Congress there were some party photos that came out,” she said referring a racy photo of her and her then-husband that surfaced during her unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2010. 

—Tess Bonn 


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