Saagar Enjeti calls Warren’s credibility into question

 Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti

Last week we talked about how Elizabeth Warren is now the anointed one amongst Democratic elites and the media, which means that you can expect approximately zero fair coverage of her bizarre past claiming Native American heritage. Her supporters have come on this show, they fanned out throughout the media claiming that she’s taken responsibility for it. That she’s apologized and moved on. On its face it’s easy to say it’s silly, but we need to remember the broader story it tells us about her, she has a proven public track record of being monumentally dishonest.

This weekend a clip resurfaced of Warren claiming that her parents had to elope because she was part Cherokee, her mother was part Cherokee, and part Delaware. 

It’s a touching story, which is also not true. An internet sleuth in 2012 found records from the 1930’s indicating that Warren’s parents had their marriage conducted by a prominent pastor in the town, that the witness on her parent’s marriage certificate was a family friend, that the wedding announcement in the local paper makes zero mention of the wedding being a surprise to their family.

This is not just run of the mill lying about one’s heritage for gain. This is belief to the bone and utter refusal when confronted with the facts to grapple with reality. Warren’s delusions ran so deep she once claimed to be Cherokee to submit a recipe to a cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow”….Yes, really. Even better? She plagiarized the recipe that she supported from the New York Times

That’s not to mention her own listing of American Indian heritage on her Texas bar registration papers in the 1980s and her many years of Native American identification, while a professor at Harvard University. The Boston Globe and Spotlight can say whatever it wants, if you believe that when a university is touting your so called diverse heritage and it didn’t help your career, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Elizabeth Warren clung to her so called Native American heritage because it made her different. I can understand that on a limited basis. What I can’t understand and what many of us shouldn’t forgive, is the years of lying about this heritage, the years of misrepresentation, and the total and utter refusal to grapple with the larger story that it tells us about her in public life.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that, but what is in those plans exactly? Will she stick to them and carry them through? Warren enjoys saying she’s signed on fully to Bernie Sanders’ medicare for all plan, but then at a campaign event in New Hampshire last week she now says that this is a framework? I’m far from a Medicare For All purist, but if you’re going to make this the centerpiece of your campaign and you’re already waffling on what it might mean in the general election, then you’re going to be dishonest with primary and general election voters.

The same thing comes to her promise not take big money during her campaign for president after rolling over nearly 10 million dollars in big money from her senate campaign funds to her presidential race. She took it for years, has taken a break, and won’t necessarily rule it out for taking it in the future. She’s an anti-establishment politician who’s courting the DNC.

You won’t see any of these questions raised at the debate, and sadly not even by Warren’s Democratic opponents in the primary. It’s a disservice to primary voters and boon to the GOP. I guess I shouldn’t be upset about it, the more I get to talk about Pow Wow Chow in my view, the better off we all are, but we can all use some laughs in this life.