Krystal Ball: Yang campaign a ‘triumph of substance over the theatre’


Opinion by: Krystal Ball

Well, folks, we are still just under a week away from the next debate but already debate number 5 is coming into focus. It will be hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post on November 20th in Georgia. here are some people who have *not* yet made the stage. Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Michael Bennett, Julian Castro, Steve Bullock, etc. But today we can report that freedom dividend champion Andrew Yang has, in fact, met the criteria and made the stage! Congrats to you and congrats to the Yanggang. Yang’s relative success is one of the most fascinating dynamics of this race. In a field crowded with senators, governors, and members of Congress he has found more than just a foothold and of course has won the loyalty of a dedicated grassroots base who are completely committed to spreading his ideas and championing his campaign far and wide.

Here’s how I see it. Yang’s campaign is really a triumph of substance over the theatre. he has overperformed and others like Kamala and Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand and John Hickenlooper, all of whom were touted and praised by the media, have underperformed, for one simple reason. Yang actually stands for something. He decided to tell the truth about the massive transition our economy is undergoing and the incredible exploitation and corruption our system has enabled even though it wasn’t popular or what any political consultant would tell you to say. here are three reasons just from this week alone that explain why Andrew is succeeding when so many others are not.

First of all, Washington has been completely gamed: For the first time in history, the 400 wealthiest Americans pay less in taxes than the bottom 50%. To all the Reagan republicans and corporate democrats who made this historic day possible. Congratulations guys. I mean really well done. To the rest of America: my guess is maybe you’re ready for someone and something different.

Second of all, automation is real. The New York Times ran an op-ed this week about how automation has disrupted the job application process and replaced traditional HR functions. Goldman Sachs has even embraced automated interviewing. just goes to show that it’s not just people working on a factory line whose jobs are threatened by AI. This is of course recognized by economists who have said that around half of our jobs could be eliminated through technology. white-collar workers, the robots are coming for you too! But finally, Yang gets it. just listen to him here on Alyssa Milano’s podcast sorry not sorry.

This is exactly right. For decades now, Republicans and Democrats have shared the same mythology around the great American meritocracy. The only real difference was that republicans thought the American meritocracy was already perfect and Democrats believed it could be perfected if we just dealt with racism and sexism and other forms of bigotry. But the truth is the meritocracy is a lie. Those born into wealth and privilege will always be able to game the system for their own benefit and their children’s own benefit. But even more than that, the very notion that some people, because of their special lucky talents deserve to have more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime and some people deserve to starve because they don’t have those special lucky talents is completely morally bankrupt. Especially in a rich nation, there is absolutely no reason why everyone couldn’t and shouldn’t have a life of dignity.

For a long time, Americans have bought into the meritocracy, the American dream ideal. But when we watched banksters completely destroy our economy and get bailed out while ordinary homeowners were intentionally left to have their homes seized and lives destroyed, it kind of made people think. Or when you see today a long economic expansion and good times rolling but for only a select few people in a select few cities. Yang is one of the few politicians, you know who they are, who have dared to tell the truth. and it turns out, the American people are ready to hear it.

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