Saagar Enjeti: Harris 'the product of a bankrupt political system'

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti

A day or so has passed, so the full emptiness of Kamala Harris's appearance on the debate stage has finally settled in my mind.

Harris's only shining moment, I guess, during the debate was when she monopolized an important debate on the stage about big tech and whether it should be broken up in the stupid direction of whether Trump should be banned from Twitter or not.

Framing the big tech debate around whether Trump should be banned from Twitter is colossally dumb; I don't have a better way to describe it. It demonstrates the vapidity of how Kamala Harris talks about serious issues and consistently has throughout the campaign. Many of you may remember when I eviscerated her for talking about climate change by advocating for a plastic straw ban.

It's the same type of cosmetic solution meant to appeal to the boomer class. Other candidates on the stage were talking about the structural impact that big tech has in our daily lives and how we want our economy to be structured. Kamala Harris thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with Elizabeth Warren about banning Trump from Twitter, seriously think about that.

Harris's drop in the polls and consistent demonstration of who she really is devolves into the people she's hired to work for her.

Just look at this exchange that recently surfaced in which a Harris staffer texted the editor in chief of Buzzfeed News and accused a reporter of racism because she correctly noted that Warren brushed off Harris's stupid comments on the stage.

Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith correctly responded, "Do you seriously not have real problems? This text makes me think you are totally, totally unready for an actual presidential campaign." Looks like that staffer won't have to worry, because given her slump to below 5% in the Real Clear Politics polling average, they don't have very much to worry about.


I know I'm giving her a hard time, but I think Kamala Harris is the product of a bankrupt political system, bankrupt ideology, that is bipartisan in nature. Harris picks cheap fights on cosmetic issues to satisfy the loudest, richest voices around her but doesn't actually have the courage to fight against the interests of the powerful who perpetuate a system that isn't working for the majority of Americans.