Saagar Enjeti: Biden campaign on 'life support'

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti

Former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenBudowsky: A Biden-McConnell state of emergency summit DC might win US House vote if it tries Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman inks deal with IMG Models MORE's campaign, it’s on life support after spending a million dollars on private jets shuttling in between fundraisers... only to end up with 9 million dollars in the bank

Biden's cash on hand totals rank him fourth in the Democratic field despite the candidate doing almost no national media and sparsely holding rallies. Literally the only thing he does is fundraise.

Despite that, the lackluster returns have led to a major reversal for the Biden campaign. After months of disavowing super PAC support, the Biden campaign put out a new statement saying super PAC support is now ok.

Biden is effectively trying to get his rich donors to bail him out of the race by greenlighting all the money that they can spend on his behalf in the early states. This is mightily hypocritical according to...Vice President Joe Biden himself back in a 2018 interview on PBS Newshour. 

Not only did Biden say he is against taking super PAC money, he apparently gave the idea to Senator Bernie SandersBernie SandersTim Ryan says he's 'looking seriously' at running for Portman's Senate seat Bernie Sanders has been most-followed member of Congress on social media for six years This week: Senate stuck in limbo MORE! As with most things in Biden's record, there is something from his past that disputes what he is saying today. It just demonstrates the sheer desperation that his campaign is operating on to try and limp forwards towards the nomination.

Despite this, don't think for a second that he doesn't have a chance. My esteemed guest host today has pointed out on this show Biden supporters are the lowest information voters. Meaning they don't follow the news and most importantly they were probably watching a baseball game instead of the debate. They miss his gaffes, they miss the new reports about hunter Biden's corrupt dealings in Romania, and they mostly think of him in their head as the man he was back in 2008, not the man we see today.

Matt Taibbi was warning on this show this week that the Democrats efforts to impeach trump actually have the bad externality of helping Joe Biden. Let's take a listen

Now Democrats must twist themselves trying to defend Hunter Biden's board seat on a Ukranian energy company and his billion-dollar loan from the Chinese government. While also trying to argue that trump is singularly awful that he must be banished from the annals of history. Furthermore, it elevates Biden to the frontrunner status that he so desperately wants.

If you look at his super PAC reversal, it plays exactly into this narrative. Biden says that because President trump and his allies are attacking him, he's going to take all the money he can. It's a convenient way of saying I'm broke and nobody will give me any money because all my friends already maxed out the legal limit.

The numbers Biden are putting up are simply not sustainable.

A POLITICO report tells us that less than one-third of Biden's donations are from small dollar donations less than 200 dollars. That is patently insane when 98 percent of Trump's campaign donations are less than 200 dollars and they have an average of 44 dollars. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenTim Ryan says he's 'looking seriously' at running for Portman's Senate seat Leahy, not Roberts, to preside over impeachment trial Skepticism reigns as Biden, McConnell begin new era MORE are putting up similar numbers. Even wall street friend Pete ButtigiegPete ButtigiegExclusive 'Lucky' excerpt: Vow of Black woman on Supreme Court was Biden turning point The Hill's Morning Report - Biden's crisis agenda hits headwinds Biden signs order to require masks on planes and public transportation MORE says 45 percent of his donations are what one would consider grassroots.

His campaign notes that he apparently hasn't had as much time to build out an online base like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Uh...except for the you know 40 years in professional politics that he has spent. Joe Biden is basically a hot air balloon that it would drop like a rock if it wasn't for a hazy illusion that’s being perpetrated on us all by a few rich Obama donors.