Saagar Enjeti: Corporatism does not know any party

Opinion: Saagar Enjeti
I spend a lot of time on this show talking about the 2020 Democratic election, I think rightfully so in my view.
But every once in a while, we need to turn an eye on our decrepit city here to highlight just how exactly we got to a point where polling indicates almost half the American public wants to burn our institutions to the ground. Yesterday was a prime example, something that our elites didn’t even try to hide.
The House Ways and Means Committee threw a bipartisan “birthday bash” for insurance company AIG, that was widely attended by staffers across the aisle. The chairman of the committee, Richard Neal, who is a Democrat, gave remarks at the party. It included snacks, and an open bar serving a “centennial smash” signature cocktail, all while an acapella group serenaded the group to the tune of Pharrell’s “Happy.”
This is Versailles 1790’s level stuff. It is a repulsive illustration of the bipartisan corruption that has seeped into our system. Don’t forget this is the company received 190 billion dollars in bailout funds while the rest of the American middle class plummeted to destruction. It’s also the same company which paid out $165 million in bonuses to its executives after receiving bailout money and facing zero repercussions from the Obama administration.
Monday, that same company which was saved by the United States government was thrown a birthday party in the halls of the United States Congress committee which dispersed those funds? It literally doesn’t get more corrupt than that. These people are so shameless they bragged about this party. They allowed it to be reported in Politico because that’s just business as usual in our capital city
Corporatism does not know any party. It has wormed its way into the highest levels of the United States government. It has ruled us to our detriment now for almost 40 years now. The left has responded to this moment with democratic socialism. The right looking at this movement is learning all of the wrong reasons; they’re flying socialism sucks banners all across America without responding to the underlying structure of the American system as extraordinarily flawed
So many on the right lecture the millennial generation and the working class as lazy. They give no credence to why exactly these people are angry. They watched the middle class get decimated, money get sent to Wall Street while our student debt exploded and any surplus cash that happened to be laying around was spent trying to turn the Middle East into a democratic paradise. America voted twice for change-agent Barack Obama to try and clean up the system, but he mostly just lectured corporations with an upturned chin and wagging finger, while letting them continue shipping jobs to China and Mexico.
Institutionalized corruption has yielded disastrous results. A new survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation finds that more than 70% of millennials say they are likely to vote socialist, and that 1 in 5 think that America would be better off if private property was abolished. This makes perfect sense to me, because this generation sees the AIG bailout and the party 10 years later and goes, well if that’s capitalism, then this crap is not for me
I know some of the people watching this probably are actual socialists. I don’t think most of you are though. You’re just fed up and you’ve been told that if you’re against our current system then you’re a socialist. So you shrug and go, sure, I guess. It is incumbent upon the right to restore and equitable and fair playing field within our system if we, correctly in my view, believe that capitalism is intrinsic to the strength of the United States
The libertarian streak of the Republican Party will be the electoral and moral death of it. Libertarianism was founded upon the idea that the greatest threat to you and your life is institutionalized power in the form of the government. It’s time they understood that the government isn’t the only institution which can hold power in our society. It’s time to reign in that power wherever it reigns.

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