Saagar Enjeti praises Yang for cautioning Democrats on impeachment

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti 

We have three TVs in our offices here at The Hill, and they are all tuned into the major cable networks.

Almost always without fail, in the middle of the day, stories about impeachment are splashed across all three chyrons. Every network has a congressman or correspondent live from Capitol Hill breathlessly reciting their latest takeaway from a transcript or scrap of information that they coaxed out of a friendly staffer.

Now, establishment Democrats see this and they decide they must of course pounce, this is the most important story of their lifetimes after-all right? Wrong. Literally nobody on the campaign trail cares about impeachment from the candidates to the voters, so much so that even people in the mainstream media are beginning to take notice and marvel at what they think is the ignorance of the American public.

Listen to this from a CNN dispatch via Wisconsin.

You can just see how puzzled they are. I mean look at this tweet from Caitlin Huey Burns of CBS News.

Who attended four presidential town halls over the last two days where the issue of impeachment did not come up once. She notes that two weeks ago while she was in Iowa and attended three at that time, impeachment also did not come up. It's almost like voters are trying to send a message, they don't give a damn about impeachment.

And yet, Democratic leaders and their media allies in Washington have of course responded in kind by focusing on nothing but impeachment. The next presidential debate is 15 days away and Rachel MaddowRachel Anne MaddowButtigieg says he doubts consulting work for insurer led to layoffs CNN Pelosi town hall finishes third in cable news ratings race, draws 1.6M SNL mocks Buttigieg campaign's viral dance video as part of strategy to get 'a negative percentage of the black vote' MORE is moderating. Who wants to bet that we're stiffed a substantive 15 or so minutes again to dither around on impeachment?

The Atlantic is also getting in on the action.

With a new story about how nobody on the campaign trail cares about how, you guessed it, nobody cares about impeachment

The reporter notes that at a recent major political event in Iowa, over the weekend, only one candidate mentioned impeachment during his speech, that candidate's name is Tom SteyerThomas (Tom) Fahr SteyerBloomberg not sure Trump is a billionaire: 'Never seen' his tax returns Yang qualifies for December Democratic debate Steyer rolls out 5B plan to invest in historically black colleges MORE. He quotes presidential candidate Andrew YangAndrew YangYang to launch ad on climate change in Iowa Poll: Buttigieg slips into fourth place as Biden widens lead Yang qualifies for December Democratic debate MORE saying, "we have to face facts where not a single Republican crossed the aisle to support the impeachment vote, adding, that would certainly suggest that impeachment's going to run aground in the senate and this is going to wind up with Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpRepublicans consider skipping witnesses in Trump impeachment trial Bombshell Afghanistan report bolsters calls for end to 'forever wars' Lawmakers dismiss Chinese retaliatory threat to US tech MORE claiming innocence and vindication."

Weird, Yang must be watching Rising, or maybe he just has some common sense. The media and establishment Democrats insistence on not only pursuing impeachment, but thinking it is worthy of bringing the issue at the top of the American people’s mind, is maybe why things are not going so well right now in the 2020 race.

The New York Times came out with a fascinating new poll yesterday.

Of six swing states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina showing only Joe BidenJoe BidenRepublicans consider skipping witnesses in Trump impeachment trial Trump trade deal likely to sow division in Democratic presidential field Trump supporters at Pa. rally 'upset' after Democrats introduce impeachment articles MORE and Bernie SandersBernie SandersTrump trade deal likely to sow division in Democratic presidential field Buttigieg says he doubts consulting work for insurer led to layoffs Trump supporters at Pa. rally 'upset' after Democrats introduce impeachment articles MORE capable of beating Trump by an extraordinarily low margin in the required three out of six states. Warren did not beat Trump in a single one of the battleground states, the best that she could even come up with was Arizona. Guess which candidate has been talking about impeachment the most?

Why is it that establishment Democrats love talking about impeachment so much? It's because that way they can conceptually get rid of Trump and not actually do anything about the issues that drove millions of people to switch their vote from Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaThe mullahs seek to control uncontrolled chaos Poll: Majority of Democrats thinks Obama was better president than Washington Obama urges Americans to get health coverage in new holiday video MORE to him in 2016. They get to continue their business as usual.