Saagar Enjeti rips ABC for alleged Epstein coverup

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti 

Project Veritas released footage yesterday of ABC News reporter Amy Robach lamenting on a hot mic that ABC News killed a story she had developed of alleged Jeffery Epstein victim Virginia Roberts on tape years ago leveling accusations not only against the now dead financier but implicating members of the British royal family Prince Andrew.

She also had detailed reporting on connections between Epstein and former President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonSenators introduce bill creating technology partnerships to compete with China Edie Falco to play Hillary Clinton in Clinton impeachment series Website shows 3D models of every Oval Office design since 1909 MORE.

Robach's horrifying story contains all the same ingredients of NBC News’ alleged coverup of Harvey Weinstein, detailed by enterprising journalist Ronan Farrow. The British royal family began exerting immense pressure on ABC News who was desperate at the time to score an interview with Will and Kate. In other words, ABC News bosses allegedly killed a story about a sexual predator to preserve their relationships with the powerful.

A side note...back in August, NPR also reported on ABC News quashing that story.

But the ABC thing is the type of behind-the-scenes revelations that we all know happens daily. It is rarely captured so vividly on the screen. ABC News is, of course, is denying the story in some language you may find familiar. First, they released a hostage statement from Robach, who was allegedly "caught in a moment of private frustration," and that she could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet editorial standards. She also says nobody at ABC ever told her to stop investigating Epstein.

ABC released their statement side by side, saying that Robachs reporting did not meet their standards to air and that they never stopped investigating the story. This is, of course, complete B.S.

Robach lays it out in the video: Her bosses told her quote "nobody knows who this guy is," in relation to Epstein. You don't think that's basically an order to stand down?

ABC’s explanation is literally exactly the same as NBC’s pathetic excuse for not airing its Harvey Weinstein reporting. That the reporting did not meet their standards for air. Let me tell you what is newsworthy alone: This photo.

That's a photo of a member of the British royal family with his hands wrapped around a 17-year-old girl at the residence of a known sexual predator. Do you have anymore questions?

Every single one of us know why ABC News did not run this story and why NBC News killed the story into Harvey Weinstein: they wanted to preserve their relationships with the powerful. If they ran it, how else would things like this happen…?

Former Bill Clinton staffer and ABC star George Stephanopolous once had dinner with Prince Andrew at Jeffery Epstein's New York mansion in 2010 to discuss, well of course, the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. This was two years after Epstein was given his sweetheart deal by Florida prosecutors, but was still required to register as a sex offender

What is the chief anchor for ANC News, the host of CBS Evening News Katie Couric, CBS' Charlie RoseCharles Peete RoseIranian official maintains Tehran has 'no knowledge' of American hostage's whereabouts 'Bombshell' bombing at box office isn't exactly a shock — here's why '60 Minutes' producer alleges CBS News retaliated after she reported inappropriate behavior MORE, Woody Allen, and Chelsea Handler all doing there too? I think we all know the answer to that. They were cozying up to power and solidifying the base Epstein had used and would continue to use for years in order to cover up his horrific crimes.

This story is important for many reasons. Not only does it demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that our corporate media giants not only defend the powerful when it comes to things that may hurt their collective bottom lines, but they will stop at nothing even to cover up a whole host of crimes.

The important thing to remember is what media outlets like ABC News and NBC News choose to cover when they're quashing stories into Jeffery Epstein or Harvey Weinstein. Story selection is the most pernicious form of media bias. What they choose not to show you, is more important than what they do choose to show you.