Saagar Enjeti blasts alleged Epstein cover-up by media

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti

Yesterday we did a brief update on some developments in the Epstein scandal, largely focusing on Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview with the BBC news on his past close relationship to the now deceased pedophile.

Andrews made a fool out of himself on several occasions and even tried to insinuate that that a photo of him with his arm wrapped around a 17-year-old girl may have been doctored.

His obvious moral equivalence, equivocation, and refusal to take responsibility for what he has done is an example of the hideous attitudes that permeate our global elite and exactly what ABC News was covering up for when it did not run its story about Epstein. Yesterday, as I briefly mentioned, House Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to ABC News President James Goldston with a series of questions which are worth highlighting here in full.

The letter demands the full interview that anchor Amy Robach conducted with alleged victim Virginia Roberts back in 2015 and asks a series of questions including when abc news executives learned from Robach about the story, who was involved in deciding this story wasn’t of public interest, asking Robach to expand on the outside forces that tried to quash the story, whether ABC was ever presented with additional evidence on Epstein after Robach’s reporting, and if they ever alerted any authorities after learning of the horrific allegations made against him.

The final sentence of the letter is the true death nail for ABC with McCarthy and others writing “it is imperative that the public be assured newsroom decisions regarding exposing human trafficking are not tampered by financial interest or outside forces.” This is, of course, the entire problem with massive corporate consolidation and control over the U.S. media.

Their purpose is no longer to expose the powerful but instead to defend, cover for, and propagandize on their behalf. I used to be naive and think this only extended to government policy like shilling for so-called free trade or other woke liberal policies that give them cover for selling out of American workers. But the Epstein and Weinstein stories taught me that it is far worse than that, they will cover up even most horrific crimes to protect the reputations of those at the highest echelons of our society.

A Congressional inquiry into this matter should be absolutely explosive news, and yet as I predicted yesterday, not a single major network morning show in America decided to cover this letter. ABC I guess we can all understand, they’re trying to sweep this all under the rug. But CBS and NBC? Well, one has an ousted former CEO for sexual harassment and the other is riddled with people who just got exposed by Ronan Farrow for covering up for Harvey Weinstein.

The media is completely missing from this entire story. Independent journalists like James O’Keefe, Megyn Kelly, and Yashar Ali are the only ones who have offered any substantive reporting on the matter. Other outlets which can tell you what certain FOX News anchors like for breakfast, don’t seem to have any apparent interest in the coverup at ABC or the egregious steps that the network has taken since video of Amy Robach was released.

To this date, all ABC News has done is launch an internal leak hunting investigation for the person who leaked the video. This leak hunting operation went so far as to identify the original employee who clipped and saved Robach speaking to an internal database and then get her fired from CBS News. This poor girl found the clip horrifying and decided to clip the footage and then never thought about it again, now look at her speaking with Megyn Kelly recently about how she was treated.

The person who should be crying and out of a job is not this poor girl, it should be the people who covered for Epstein at ABC News. With a just and real media perhaps something would be done about it, but for now let’s hope that at least the U.S. Congress can get some real answers.