Saagar Enjeti defends calls for conservatives to ditch libertarianism

Hill.TV host Saagar Enjeti hit back at billionaire Clifford Asness on Monday after the hedge fund manager criticized his calls for conservatives to ditch libertarianism.

“Clifford Asness’s corrupt and indignant hypocrisy is exactly the corporatism that I was calling out in that monologue, which triggered him,” Enjeti said on “Rising.”

Over the weekend, Asness, who has since deleted his Twitter account, pushed back against Enjeti's critique of libertarianism, saying “there is nothing libertarian about crony capitalism,” before adding that “libertarians have called it out first and loudest.”

“Nobody braying populists of the right now think they’re edgy and smart by decrying them,” Asness, who identifies as a libertarian, tweeted in a thread in response to Enjeti.

These remarks were in response to an October monologue in which Enjeti said that conservatives have to “ditch the libertarian streak and challenge concentrated power in the corporate form that we find it today.”

Enjeti also doubled down on his criticism of libertarianism on Monday. 

“Libertarianism in practice is a selective, corporate welfare ideology pushed by the financial industry and big business in Washington,” he said.

Asness is one of the most prominent fund managers in the world. He has a personal net worth of $2.6 billion, according to Forbes, and the firm that he co-founded, AQR Capital Management, oversees an estimated $200 billion in assets.