NH Democratic chairman: You’ll definitely have results

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said Tuesday that there will “definitely” be results out of the state’s first-in-the-nation primary, after results were delayed in Iowa’s chaotic caucuses. 

“You’ll definitely have the results. We don’t know how close this is going to be, but generally speaking it’s all over by 11 o’clock,” Buckley said in an interview with Hill.TV

Buckley pointed out that New Hampshire will likely be held hitch-free, in contrast to Iowa, as the Granite State holds a standard primary instead of a caucus run by the state Democratic Party.

“The important thing to understand what happened in Iowa is that it was a party-run caucus, versus in New Hampshire it is a primary, where voters go to the same polling location they go to for town elections, for state elections, federal. Meeting the same moderators, same inspectors,” Buckley said. “That’s the sort of process that we go to several times a year.”

“It’s a completely different operation than a caucus,” he added.

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