Biden is ‘comfortable’ candidate to Dems, says party leader in Nebraska


Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb said Monday Democratic voters are comfortable with former Vice President Joe Biden, which she said will help the candidate as Americans are scared amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Especially now with the coronavirus, with everybody terrified that President Trump is lying every minute of the day and they just need some normalcy and safety in their life, Biden is that loyal, comfortable politician,” Kleeb said in an interview with The Hill.TV’s “Rising.” 

Kleeb said some voters feel as if they owe their vote to Biden, even if they agree with Sanders’s proposals. 

“For me a moment with an older African American woman in South Carolina crystallized everything,” Kleeb said. 

The woman told her she agreed with what Sanders was saying, but she felt as if she owed her vote to Biden who had “for a long time been there for Democrats,” Kleeb said. 

“I think that is true for a lot of the Democratic base,” Kleeb added. “They’ve seen Biden throughout the years, they clearly have disagreed with him on issues, but feel a sense of loyalty to him.” 

Biden is leading in the Democratic race after building on his lead winning the South Carolina primary at the end of February. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) campaign said last week it would be reassessing after Biden won victories in races Tuesday.

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