Unemployed server: Stimulus bill won't make up for my lost income

Despite lawmakers rushing to pass a nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill, one unemployed server told Hill.TV that the bill won’t make up for her lost income.

Alice Stanford, who previously worked as a banquet server at JW Marriott/Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles, said the stimulus would be “something” but not enough “for me to be comfortable.”

“That won’t even pay my rent,” she said.

“In reality, throwing us a dollar is not going to make up for what we’ve lost,” she said. “And … it might pay like a utility bill, a couple of utility bills, and that’s about it.”

The stimulus bill passed by the Senate unanimously Wednesday will provide a one-time $1,200 check for individuals who make up to $75,000. The amount of the check scales down as one’s salary increases until it hits $99,000.

Stanford said her last day of work was March 5, at the beginning of a month where she expected to make the most money all year. 

“I have really no idea what we’re gonna do now,” she said. “I filed for unemployment so hoping something comes through there.”

California and Los Angeles issued stay-at-home orders last week requiring all residents to remain in their homes unless they are going to the grocery store or pharmacy, with everyone urged to practice social distancing.

The governor previously ordered all restaurants to switch to delivery or carry-out service only.

The Labor Department reported that more than 3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week.