The Intercept’s Ryan Grim says Cuomo is winning over critics

The Intercept’s DC bureau chief Ryan Grim said Tuesday that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is winning over some critics with his daily televised press briefings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Even a lot of people in New York City who have been tangled with Cuomo for the last decade plus … they’ll see  him on television in comparison to Donald Trump performing the job of governor, actually governing,” Grim told Hill.TV in an interview.

“And even they’re like, ‘it kills me to say this, but I am pleased with Andrew Cuomo right now,’” he added. 

Still, Grim said he doesn’t expect those people to “stick” with Cuomo after the coronavirus crisis, though the reporter noted that Cuomo’s ability “to raise his national profile has certainly been disturbing to some people.”

The New York governor has received national attention amid the pandemic, holding frequent interactions with media to discuss the development of the coronavirus in the state, one of the most impacted in the country.

New York state has recorded 138,863 positive cases of the virus, with 5,489 deaths.

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