Michael Moore says environmentalists 'might be on the wrong path here because we're not winning this battle'

Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore said Tuesday that the environmentalist movement “might be on the wrong path here because we’re not winning this battle.”

The filmmaker told Hill.TV that his new documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” is meant to act as a “warning siren” that the environmental crisis will not be solved if corporate America is involved in the solution.

“The failure of the movement has been to address this serious flaw, which is we are not going to save the planet or ourselves by allowing Wall Street, hedge funds, corporate America to be anywhere near us as we try to fix this,” he said.

Moore said that although the film is critical of some environmental movement leaders, “it’s only your friends that can tell you when you’re messing up.” The documentary argues that the environmentalism movement's efforts to advocate for solar and wind energy are not effective ways to address climate change and rely on fossil fuels to be developed.

“We are lifetime environmentalists, and if we can’t say to each other, ‘Hey. Look. We might be on the wrong path here because we’re not winning this battle.’ Everybody knows it,” he said.

“So if we’re not winning, why don’t we have the discussion about what we need to do because it cannot go on any longer?” he added.

Several climate experts have criticized Moore’s newly produced documentary, which is available online, as “dangerous, misleading and destructive,” The Guardian reported.