Michael Moore: Mother Nature sending warning, people to ‘time-out rooms’ with pandemic

Filmmaker Michael Moore said Tuesday that Mother Nature is sending the human race a “huge” warning and is putting people in “time-out rooms” to reflect during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Academy-award winning filmmaker told Hill.TV that the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that people are willing to make “serious, fundamental changes” to their way of life to avoid death. 

 “This pandemic – this should teach us a lot about where we have failed when it comes to battling the climate emergency,” he said. 

 “Mother Nature is sending us a huge, huge warning,” he added. “Mother Nature has sent us to our time-out rooms right now and we’re supposed to spend this time thinking about how we messed up things so bad.”

The filmmaker’s remarks come as many around the world are in lockdown or following stay-at-home orders as the coronavirus has spread to infect more than 3 million people worldwide, killing at least 215,063, according to data from Johns Hopkins University

Moore’s new documentary “Planet of the Humans” criticizes the environmental movement and its leaders for what the film’s creators see as “selling out” to corporate America. The film encourages its environmental leaders to take a different approach. 

The filmmaker said he has “huge admiration for all of our fellow environmentalists,” but said “the problem is it isn’t fixed.”

“When we don’t accomplish what we need to accomplish in our lives, aren’t we supposed to be somewhat self-reflective, somewhat self-critical and say, ‘OK this doesn’t seem to be working. What do we need to do to change this?’” he told Hill.TV. 

Several leaders of the environmental movement have condemned Moore’s film, saying it is “dangerous, misleading and destructive,” The Guardian reported.

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