Alex Lee Moyer discusses her new Amazon film

Filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer on Thursday talked about her new film "TFW NO GF," which was slated to premiere at South by Southwest before the festival was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The film's title references a phrase used online to describe a lack of a romantic partnership. Amazon — where the movie was released as part of a virtual version of South by Southwest — describes the plot of the movie as "a generation of disaffected young men searches for meaning in the dark corners of the internet."
"I kind of just stumbled upon a phenomenon, I thought, that wasn't really being observed as much by the mainstream news of just sort of a lot of people who seem kind of disaffected and kind of down and out, but also sort of like the heart of meme culture on the internet," Moyer told Hill.TV.
Watch the full interview with Moyer above.