Jayapal says progressives need to better coordinate to accomplish initiatives

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said progressives lawmakers and organizations need to better coordinate in order to advance their goals in legislation. 

Jayapal said on Hill.TV's "Rising" Thursday that the progressive wing of the party needs to work toward being more "streamlined in what our asks are."

"I think we have to regroup," Jayapal said. "I think the challenge is progressives care about a lot of things... but sometimes, if we can't settle on one of two priorities, it makes it very difficult."

"..I think that's particularly challenging in a pandemic, where there is so much need," she added. 

Jayapal, who joined a number of centrist Democrats in voting against the Heroes Act, said progressive lawmakers need to better coordinate with the organizations that share their values if they are going to be able to gain political leverage in their own party. 

"If a whole bunch of progressive groups come out the minute that a bill comes out and say go ahead, vote for the bill, it makes it very difficult to whip votes against the bill," Jayapal said.