Political commentator Kyle Kulinski said on Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden’s increasing lead on President Trump in national polls could be sustainable.

Kulinski dispelled the comparison between Biden’s lead and the one that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had in 2016 before ultimately losing to Trump. 

“Hilary Clinton had a about a 2- to 4-percent lead nationally going into the election. … Biden, maybe on average has an 8-point lead,” Kulinski told Hill.TV. “As of right now, Biden is a pretty significant favorite to win and the thing is, he doesn’t have to do anything.”

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has limited his appearances, with much of his campaign activity happening virtually. However, the adverse effects of the pandemic –- including a tailspinning economy, ballooning unemployment rate, and over 110,000 U.S. deaths –- have all caught up to Trump, Kulinski said.

“When there is a national crisis or there’s national crises, people generally want what they view as a steady hand of leadership,” Kulinski explained. Because of this, Trump’s demeanor and approach, coupled with the current woes plaguing the country, have put a major speed bump in his path to reelection, he added.

The latest HarrisX/The Hill national poll shows Biden with a 10-point lead, while RealClearPolitics average of polls has the former vice president with roughly an 8-point lead.

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