Former DHS Secretary: 'Absolutely no' evidence mail-in voting leads to fraud

Former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge (R) said on Hill.TV’s “Rising” Wednesday that there is “absolutely no” evidence that suggests mail-in voting leads to fraudulent elections. 

“There is no no anecdotal or historical evidence that suggests the kind of massive fraud or massive abuse,” said Ridge, who served as Homeland Security Secretary under President W. Bush. “I think there is a false alarm associated with that concern."

The president and other Republicans have advocated against expanded mail-in voting, which has become popular amid the pandemic. 

“With absentee ballots, the benefit does not go to either party," Ridge said. “Now, the party that focuses on it, the campaign that focuses on it, the candidates that use it may gain an enormous advantage."

Ridge said that Trump should remember that during the 2016 election, many Americans voted absentee. 

“I would remind the president that about 25 percent of the Americans who voted in 2016, the election in which he prevailed, voted absentee.”

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