Former Healthcare executive: Medicare for All could have helped the coronavirus outbreak in the US

Wendell Potter, president of Medicare for All NOW!, says that universal health care under a single-payer system could have helped the U.S. combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“A large part is because these countries have systems in which there are no barriers to care, there are no financial barriers, people are covered universally in those countries,” Potter said on Hill TV’s “Rising” Tuesday. “In this country we have a system in which there is great discrimination in communities of color. Inordinately people of color in this country are uninsured, and those who have insurance are fearful of going to the doctor or going to the hospital and being hit with a big out-of-pocket expense.”

Potter, a former health executive, said that the idea that nations such as Canada with socialized health systems ration care ”is just a myth that regrettably I and my former colleagues used to spread about the Canadian health care system.”

“In fact, at my old job I used to spread a lot of misinformation about the Canadian health care system,” he said. “They actually ration care less in Canada than we do. In fact, we ration care in this country on the ability to pay and that’s part of the reason why our experience with the pandemic is so much worse.”

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