Gallup editor on why Americans are less focused on the election

Gallup's editor-in-chief, Mohamed Younis, said Americans are less focused on the November election as the nation's leaders work to addresses the coronavirus pandemic and social justice issues. 

“All of this is happening in an election year and it will be really interesting to see how attitudes will shift back and forth as the campaign gears up,” Younis said on Hill.TV’s “Rising” Wednesday. “One of the biggest stories of this year is how Americans really shifted from the election.”

“If you’re in the prediction-making business, that’s one prediction people would’ve scratched their head at. Now we’re seeing people refocused on the election, refocused on the political discourse,” Younis added. 

He noted that the economy and healthcare have historically been the two biggest issues on voters' minds, which is more true now that the pandemic has led to an economic decline. A Gallup poll this month found 65 percent of Americans think the pandemic is getting worse.

“We’re not going to take our sight off of COVID, the economic and social issues that are really tearing America apart right now, because I think a lot of the stories are really there, and not so much in the election,” Younis said.