American Prospect editor discusses potential top aides in a Biden administration

American Prospect Managing Editor Jonathan Guyer joined Hill.TV to discuss his reporting on what foreign policy might look like under a Biden administration and who he sees as the top candidates to lead the State Department and Pentagon.

Guyer said that Tony Blinken is a potential nominee for secretary of State or White House chief of staff if Biden wins in November, with Michèle Flournoy as a possible secretary of Defense.

He noted that Blinken and Flournoy started a firm called WestExec Advisors, which works with a variety of tech companies like Uber, Google’s in-house think tank Jigsaw, Israeli Artificial Intelligence company Windward as well as private equity firms and hedge funds.

“Many of these consultancies are a total black box in terms of clients, so we really don’t know who they work for,” Guyer said. “It really raises questions about are they being influenced by their clients.”

Guyer said Biden's emphasis on personal relationships offers clues to who would have influence over foreign policy if he wins.

“It’s these personal relationships that Biden has had and developed over three or four decades that might have more cache in his administration than actual policies,” Guyer said.