Journalist Matt Taibbi calls cancel culture a 'disciplinary method' to stifle dissenting opinions

Journalist Matt Taibbi joined Hill.TV to discuss what he sees as the risks of cancel culture, calling it a “disciplinary method” used to stifle dissenting opinions.

“Once you are a critic of something everybody else is in favor of, the sort of ick factor gets thrown up around your personality and no one wants to associate with you,” Taibbi said, adding that liberal-minded news outlets and their readers are most affected.

“When you don't have those other points of view, that's when [news outlets] make mistakes,” he said. “If you have a monoculture within your newsroom, that’s when you're going to be blind to important things.”

Taibbi’s recent article on cancel culture discusses the letter in Harper’s Magazine signed by over 500 academics that argued “cancel culture” is threatening open debate.