Zaid Jilani on why Glenn Greenwald wasn’t on cancel culture letter


Journalist and commentator Zaid Jilani said Monday that it was a “shame” fellow journalist and The Intercept writer Glenn Greenwald was not invited to sign a letter published in Harper’s Magazine by notable academics and writers due to other signers’ discomfort with his political views.

Jilani, who himself was one of more than 150 people who signed the letter, told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that it was a mistake to not have had Greenwald on the letter, which was organized by the writer Thomas Chatterton Williams.

“When Thomas revealed this I thought it was a real shame, because Glenn kind of is the platonic ideal of the letter,” Jilani said. “He’s a real free speech activist and he believes in debate.”

“I don’t know who on the list it was who objected to him, but it seems like a real mistake,” he added.

Jilani added that Greenwald’s exclusion was probably due to his vocal skepticism of media and social media reactions to the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia, which Greenwald has argued was over-hyped by many in the mainstream media. 

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