J.D. Vance on the future of the GOP

Author J.D. Vance discussed his views on the future of the Republican Party and its problem of “institutional conservatism” in an interview Tuesday with The Hill.TV’s “Rising.” 

“For them to make major inroads they have to recognize what the real problem is, and the problem right now is institutional conservatism,” Vance said. 

“There are a lot of institutions, a lot of think tanks, a lot of organizations, that earn a lot of money by pushing economic policies that are in the interest of big Republican donors … the interests of the donors are just not aligned with the interests of the working- and middle-class grassroots voters, and eventually one those two interests has to win out,” he added. 

Vance said his hope is that if the working class interests win out, the GOP would also start to win over working-class voters from the Democrats and create a viable coalition. 

Watch the full interview above. 

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