Filmmakers behind 'The Con' discuss similarities between 2008 financial crisis and today

Eric Vaughn, director of the upcoming docuseries “The Con,” told Hill.TV that there are many similarities between the 2008 financial crisis and what's happening today.

The five-part series about the financial crisis can help “set the table” on what the U.S. is about to see with the current housing crisis, Vaughn said.

“So many headlines today [are] about the upcoming foreclosure crisis, the upcoming eviction crisis,” he said. “Why are so many different people...already homeless at this point? A lot of them were made homeless from 2008.”

Vaughn added that the Great Recession also impacted today's pensions.

“Probably the biggest thing that has super relevance to today…is how this affected the pensions,” he said. “What we are living is kind’ve the current iteration of what happened in 2008 and before.”

Filmmaker Patrick Lovell said he was inspired to join the project because he lost his own home in 2008.

“As a homeowner of that time period, I was really paying attention to the implosion,” Lovell said. “And ultimately what happened was, in the midst of all this, my life was falling apart and nothing made sense.”

He said he then wanted to find out what was going on behind the scenes of the crisis.

“The Con” will stream on Facebook live starting Aug. 5.