Gallup editor: New polling shows fewer parents want in-person schooling

Gallup editor-in-chief Mohamed Younis said on Hill.TV’s “Rising” Tuesday that more parents are concerned about sending their children to school full-time now than they were in May. 

A July poll found that the number of parents who are worried their children will contract coronavirus has significantly increased since May. Among those who are worried, only 15 percent are even considering sending their children to in-person classes. 

“We’ve seen the worry generally at the national level of contracting the virus really come back up again,” Younis said. 

The July poll also comes as the pandemic has surged in certain parts of the country. The administration has pushed for reopening schools, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance on how schools should approach in-person learning. 

Younis said that “this all happens with the background of some pretty concerning data on how things are going in the country overall,” referring to another Gallup poll that found only 13 percent of Americans are content with the direction the country is going, marking a nine-year low. 

The main issues worrying respondents are race relations, government leadership and the coronavirus pandemic, Younis said.