Nina Turner on Harris as VP: ‘Salute the history’ but ‘Wall Street has the ticket they want’

Nina Turner, the former co-chair of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, said Thursday the historic nature of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as the Democrat’s vice presidential nominee should be commemorated, but she was also critical of the choice and its impact on progressive voters. 

“You know, salute the history, absolutely. No doubt that Senator Harris is making history and building on the history of other Black women that have gone before her,” Turner said on The Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

But she added that voters, especially younger voters, Millennials and Generation Z, want to know “whose side you’re standing on.” 

“It is missing the mark. We all already know how Democrats, how we feel about President Donald J. Trump, it is no doubt that he is a clear and present danger. Bookmark that, got it. But beyond that though, what is going to motivate people, working class people … I have yet to hear the vision that speaks to people who are not a part of the in crowd. That vision that speaks to people who have totally given up. It’s just not there,” Turner added. 

Asked more broadly about her thoughts on Harris as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Turner said “Wall Street has the ticket that they want.”

“Progressives and other people who care about justice for all must come to grips with that. We’ve got to wrap our minds around that,” Turner added. 

If elected, Harris would be the first women and first person of color to serve as vice president. She accepted the party nomination Wednesday night. Biden is set to deliver remarks Thursday night as he accepts the party nomination as the presidential candidate.

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