GOP convention missing chance to fight for workers, says American Compass director


Executive Director of American Compass Oren Cass said Wednesday that this week’s Republican National Convention is missing its chance to fight for workers. 

On Hill.TV’s Rising, Cass said the Republican Party’s treatment of working-class Americans during the convention reminded him of the Democratic National Convention: The voters were featured but without mentioning policies that would help them.

“We have two parties that know politically they are supposed to show concern for certain sets of hopes and types of challenges,” he said. “And yet the apparatus behind the scenes that sets the messaging and the policy just doesn’t have anything for them.”

“So far I think, and this is true of the Trump campaign generally, there’s just no actual policy,” he added. “We’re having a campaign on both sides that’s just entirely, I think, personality driven.”

Cass also said the focus on working-class issues, globalization and other “needs of the typical household” have gone “out the window” for the Trump campaign as it zeroes in on capital gains tax cuts and cutting red tape.  

“It could be the Jeb Bush reelection, which I don’t think fits [President] Trump, and I don’t think is what the party or the country really wants,” he said.

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