Daily Caller videographer says alleged Kenosha shooter believed he was there to help

Richie McGinniss, the Daily Caller’s chief video director, said Thursday that he interviewed alleged Kenosha, Wis., shooter Kyle Rittenhouse who said that he believed there was a “lack of law and order” and that he was there to help amid ongoing demonstrations against police brutality. 

McGinniss said he interviewed the 17-year-old for about two and a half minutes about “why he was there,” “why he was armed” and “what exactly his intentions were.”

“He did say that there was a lack of law and order in the area and that in the absence of police, he was providing that,” McGinniss said, adding that Rittenhouse said he was a certified EMT and came to provide medical aid to protesters.

“It was very clear that he had an idea in his head that he was there to help, both for protection of the business and of just the people in general there, but also to render medical aid to any of the protesters who were injured,” he continued. 

“But the real thing I picked up on after that interview I just thought to myself, ‘You know this kid is very innocent. I don’t think this kid realizes exactly where he is,’” he said.

Shortly after the interview, Rittenhouse allegedly shot and killed two people and injured another. 

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