Author Ryan Girdusky: RNC worked best when highlighting ‘regular people’ as opposed to ‘standard Republicans’


Author Ryan Girdusky said Monday that the 2020 Republican National Convention was at its best when highlighting people from outside politics.

The author of “They’re Not Listening: How The Elites Created the Nationalist Populist Revolution” said the RNC’s highlights had been speeches by “regular people,” such as Cuban refugee Maximo Alvarez. The low points, he said, were the speeches by politicians, who he dismissed as “a lot of hacks and no one really capable of … carrying Trump’s message.”

“I think aesthetically, obviously, they sat there and tried to appeal to moderates and suburban women… but while the aesthetics were appealing to these voters, the messaging really wasn’t there. So it was tax cuts rather than talking about the price of education or the price of health care. I think that aesthetically alone you’re not going to win over people while the messaging is clearly void of what they’re talking about at home.

President Trump’s own address, he added, was “fine” but “a little one-note.” Meanwhile, he questioned the appeal of speakers like former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), saying they were “standard Republicans” rather than capable of bringing in new voters.

Girdusky also said the convention erred in not doing more to appeal to former supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“They really just gave up wholeheartedly on even trying to win over Bernie Sanders supporters,” Girdusky said Monday in a HillTV interview. “That was a major part of Trump’s 2016 campaign [but] that was not present whatsoever in this convention.”

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