March On Bezos organizer on Amazon jobs tracking 'labor organizing threats:' 'It's disgusting'

Chris Smalls, a former Amazon employee and a March On Bezos organizer, called the company’s previous job listings for a position to track “labor organizing threats” “disgusting” on Thursday. 

Smalls reacted on Hill.TV to the news that Amazon removed job listings for two positions on Tuesday that listed tracking internal “labor organizing threats” as a responsibility. 

“Yesterday was a prime example of how they’re willing to pay somebody six figures to keep workers from organizers,” he said. “And it’s just a shame. It’s disgusting.”

Smalls had been fired for walking out of the Staten Island shipping center to protest long hours, low pay and people infected with COVID-19 coming into work, which he said he was "glad" happened.

“Now, it really opened up my eyes to what this company is really about, and it’s sad to see,” he said. “I just have to continue to push forward and hopefully … be able to be the voice for these workers.”

An Amazon spokesperson told The Hill on Tuesday that the positions were removed for not being “an accurate description of the role,” which was “made in error and has since been corrected.” 

Amazon’s portal showed one of the positions was posted on Jan. 6, which raised questions about why it took so long to notice the mistake.