Daily Caller reporter says Netflix 'Cuties' controversy goes beyond conservatives

Daily Caller reporter Mary Margaret Olohan said Monday that the controversy surrounding Netflix's new movie “Cuties” goes beyond issues raised by conservatives. 

After posters and a trailer for the movie were released, several Republican lawmakers and other conservatives argued it hyper-sexualized young girls, Olohan said on The Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

"There is a lot of backlash about that, many conservatives were very upset. A lot of other people who would not identify as conservative were also upset,” she said.

Netflix has defended the French film as “social commentary against the sexualization of young children,” an argument Olohan notes the director of the film has also made. 

“What I think is really interesting about this move is, yes, the director said her point is to critique the hyper-sexualization of children. But we can't just look at what she said it was supposed to be about. We have to look at what's there and what's going to happen with what we’re seeing,” Olohan said, adding that experts have told her the movie is “fodder for pedophiles.”

Watch the full interview above.