Intercept DC Bureau Chief says Grijalva's proposed ban on lobbyists in Biden White House is how progressives get 'in the room'

Intercept Washington DC Bureau Chief Ryan Grim said a measure proposed by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Az.) to ban lobbyists from serving in a Joe Biden administration had low chances of success.

In a Hill TV interview Thursday, Grim said "it's good for Grijalva to be pushing this" but that "a ton of" the people currently working for the Biden campaign would likely be disqualified under the proposal.

Grim said the proposal tied into what would likely be "jockeying ... around personnel" in a Biden administration over "who is in the room with Biden" and able to influence him.

"Progressives, what they're saying here is they don't necessarily need to be in the top position in power in the room, but they have to be [in] the room in order to have people on the inside that can them leverage the pressure that people are creating on the outside," Grim said. "If you have a ton of pressure on the outside but you have nobody at all on the inside who are sympathetic to that pressure, you're not going to have the people inside that can maneuver the policy.

"The more pressure you put on the corporate control of Biden's personnel, the more chance you create for just a few progressives to sneak in," he added. "The Trump campaign would have you believe that antifa is going to essentially run the Biden White House, but progressives are just hoping they can get a couple of reasonably progressive people in the room."