Michael Moore on the environment: 'Billionaires have tried to take control of this movement'

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore said in an interview that greed and capitalism are to blame for the demise of the environment.

In discussing his new documentary, “The Planet of the Humans,” Moore said that instead of making progress fighting climate change, corporate interests are playing a detrimental role.

“I think our hope was that we could start a conversation,” Moore said. “We are losing the planet, and billionaires have tried to take control of this movement.”

Moore’s documentary was temporarily removed from YouTube in May due to allegations of copyright infringement. He told Hill.TV he believes that people with connections to “green billionaires” worked to take down the film.

He added that people should stop ignoring the reality of climate change and work together to improve the state of the environment.

“At least, we can start to figure out that there’s a different way to get through this,” Moore said.