Ryan Grim says battle over Supreme Court vacancy ‘probably has bigger benefit’ for Democrats in close Senate races


The Intercept’s D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim said Tuesday the battle over voting on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ahead of the presidential election could have a bigger benefit for Democratic candidates in close Senate races. 

“It cuts a lot of different ways, but probably it’s a bigger benefit for Democrats,” Grim said on The Hill.TV’s “Rising.” “But Republicans are fine with that. If they lose the Senate but lock in the Supreme Court for a couple of generations, they’ll take that trade.” 

Grim highlighted the more than $91 million Democrats raised in wake of the news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, adding that it could help Democrats in tight races ramp up ads.

He also noted that the battle over voting on Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg may also benefit some incumbent GOP senators.

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