Zaid Jilani calls attacks on Trump court pick’s adopted children a ‘massive distraction’


Journalist Zaid Jilani on Monday called attacks on President Trump’s Supreme Court pick’s adopted children a “massive distraction” from debates over issues that she’d be handling on the high court.

Jilani criticized author Ibrahim Kendi on Hill.TV’s Rising for his comments on Twitter that suggested Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and her husband could be considered “White colonizers” because they adopted two Black children from Haiti. 

“It is a massive distraction from the issues of what the Supreme Court is actually ruling on and dealing with,” he said.

Jilani said discussion on Barrett’s nomination should instead revolve around the risks to consumer protection law and worker regulations.

“I think that unfortunately this is what happens when you have such a superficial political debate,” he said. “You start debating things like Amy Coney Barrett’s personal religiosity or her family rather than actually looking at her large shares of rulings in the amount of time she’s been on the court.”

Trump officially nominated Barrett to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court on Saturday.

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