Abdul El-Sayed, the host of Crooked Media’s “America Dissected” and an epidemiologist, on Monday discussed President Trump’s treatment for COVID-19 at Walter Reed Medical Center.

El-Sayed said in a Hill.TV interview that the president is on an “unprecedented” medication regimen, including an antibody cocktail, the antiviral Remdesivir and the steroid Dexamethasone.

“The crazy thing is we don’t know of any circumstances where all three of these medications have been used at the same time,” he said. “What is clear is that he’s getting the best government health care that you can possibly have and he seems to be liking it pretty well.”

Asked about the circumstances under which most patients would be hospitalized and discharged for COVID-19 complications, El-Sayed said both cases would typically depend on the patients’ ability to breathe.

“The circumstances to get admitted have everything to do with your ability to breathe on your own without the support of oxygen,” he said. “Releasing you also has to do with that, they think you’re far enough out of the woods that… you’re not going to need supplemental oxygen.”

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