Gallup editor says independents less interested in 2020 election than past races

Gallup Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Younis pointed out on Tuesday that polling has found independents are showing less interest in the 2020 election than past races.

Younis told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that Gallup found 64 of independents said they have given a lot of thought about the upcoming election, compared to 83 percent of Republicans and 81 percent of Democrats. 

At this point in the election cycle in 2008, 77 percent of independents said they had given a lot of thought about the race.

“One thing that stands out in terms of partisanship this year is independents seem to be a lot less excited, and interested and thinking about the election than they have in past election cycles,” he said.

“We have seen this hyper-partisan environment dip, if you will, the interest and focus of independents in the race,” he added. 

Younis also highlighted that 57 percent of respondents think a third party is needed in the country, adding that the most partisan people “tend to be most pleased” with the current Democratic and Republican parties.

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