Daily Caller Video Chief discusses deadly shooting at Denver protest

Richie McGinnis, Chief Video Director for the Daily Caller on Tuesday discussed the fatal shooting of a protestor by an unlicensed security guard during a demonstration in Denver, Colo.

McGinnis has covered similar protests in both left-wing and right-wing led events.

"We saw similar a thing after other shootings where people want to find out what somebody's ideology is and exactly what the motivations were," McGinnis told Hill.Tv.

"Unfortunately with an organization like Antifa, it intentionally doesn't have real leadership structure. So it's difficult, unless he literally comes out on social media and says, 'I'm a member of Antifa,' then it's hard to determine whether or not he was a practicing member of that group."

A 30-year-old private security guard protecting a news station during a demonstration, Matthew Dolloff, was arrested in Denver on Saturday and charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly fatally shot protester Lee Keltner, 49.

Some have speculated that Dolloff is an activist for Antifa.