DC correspondent on the death of Michael Reinoehl: 'The folks I know in law enforcement are extremely angry about it'

Ken Klippenstein, D.C. correspondent for The Nation, discussed the implications Monday in an interview with Hill.TV's "Rising" of the police killing of Michael Reinoehl, a self-described Antifa activist who had been suspected of shooting and killing a pro-Trump demonstrator in Portland, Ore.

Klippenstein said there was unhappiness in law enforcement circles of the administration's applause for the killing of Reinoehl.

“The folks I know in law enforcement are extremely angry about it because whether or not that's what happened, the message sent to the public is that the marshals and local law enforcement in the FBI that served with them in this operation are just these kind of lawless roving gangs that are going to go out and do the president's bidding,” he told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball.

Questions have been raised about whether law enforcement made a real effort to arrest Reinoehl before shooting and killing him.

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Reinoehl was a suspect in the killing of Aaron "Jay" Danielson. Danielson had been part of a group of Trump supporters who clashed with Black Lives Matter protestors.