Prospect editor David Dayen: Childcare reform should be priority in progressive agenda

Daniel Dayen, executive editor of The American Prospect, said Wednesday that the U.S. childcare system should be reformed to make it affordable for parents and to allow childcare workers to make a descent living.

He said that childcare reform should be a priority for the progressive platform. 

Speaking with "Rising" hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball on Hill.TV, Dayen pointed to the mounting inability of both parents to find affordable childcare as well as workers in the industry to provide for themselves.

"It makes no sense," Dayen said. "Childcare is hard to access. It's at once expensive for recipients and too penurious for the providers. How can you have such a circumstance where its too much money for people to access childcare and too little for people to live off of it?

"We're one of three countries on Earth that doesn't have paid sick leave," he added.

Watch his interview above: