Michael Moore says the Trump vote is ‘always being undercounted’


Filmmaker Michael Moore on Thursday said to be wary of polls indicating that President Trump is trailing in the presidential race behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden, warning that the Trump vote is being undercounted. 

Speaking with Hill.TV’s “Rising” hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball, Moore explained that he believed the best way to estimate Biden’s support in his home state of Michigan was to cut the former vice president’s polling lead in half.

“The Trump vote is always being undercounted, the pollsters, when they actually call a real Trump voter, the Trump voter’s very suspicious of the ‘Deep State’ calling them and asking them who they’re voting for,” Moore said.

“It’s all fake news to them, remember. It’s not an accurate count,” Moore said. “I think the safe thing to do, this is not scientific…whatever they’re saying the Biden lead is, cut it in half, right now, in your head. Cut it in half, and now you’re within the four-point margin of error.”

Watch part of Moore’s interview above

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