American Affairs editor: Republican Party focused on working class 'is really the only plausible future'

American Affairs editor Julius Krein said Thursday that a Republican Party focused on the working class “is really the only plausible future. “

Krein told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that the 2020 election showed the Republican Party lost the affluent suburbs but had an “increasing vote” among non-white working class voters. 

“They see that, and I think increasingly understand that a so-called working class Republican party is really the only plausible future,” he said.

“I won’t say the Republican Party is a working class party right now, but more and more are seeing that as the only plausible future to actually win elections going forward,” he added.

He also said the election also “reinforced” that industrial policy issues are one of “the last remaining areas of legislative common ground” between both parties. 

“Given how divided the Congress is going to be, regardless of who wins the presidency, if anything possible is going to happen, it’s going to be along those lines,” Krein said.