Sirota: Claims that The Lincoln Project swayed the election for Biden ‘absolutely absurd’


David Sirota, editor-at-large of Jacobin, said Friday that claims that the ant-Trump group The Lincoln Project swayed Republican voters in favor of President-elect Joe Biden are “absolutely absurd.” 

Sirota on Hill.TV’s “Rising” cited a Friday article by The Daily Poster on analysis from third party groups of Lincoln Project ads and other Republican anti-Trump political organizations.

The data found that the ads did not have any notable impact at moving voters against Trump and some, in fact, pushed a number of voters included in test data to support the incumbent. 

“The point here is the idea of the Lincoln Project or any other never-Trump Republican group being responsible for the election results, for helping Joe Biden win, for swaying the election, it is absolutely absurd,” said Sirota, a former senior adviser on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign. 

“The Lincoln Project said that its core mission was to peel away Republican support from Donald Trump and Donald Trump ended up getting more Republican votes in 2020 than he did in 2016,” he continued. “But, it’s not only that the data doesn’t substantiate the idea of the never-Trump Republicans playing a pivotal role here, it’s also they’re trying to downplay the role that progressives and the base of the Democratic party played.” 

“It’s almost really stolen valor, running out there and saying, ‘we are responsible, we’re the ones who should be credited,’ as a way for them to try to maintain credibility and relevance in a post-Trump world,” Sirota added. 

Watch Sirota’s interview above.

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