Astrophysicist Joe Pesce discusses new research on Einstein’s theory of general relativity


Astrophysicist Joe Pesce joined Hill.TV to discuss a recent paper on Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and how time travel would not significantly alter past events.

Pesce, who noted that he doesn’t believe time travel will become a reality, said: “The timeline rearranges itself. It self-corrects to avoid any paradox.”

University of Queensland researchers recently published a paper saying that even if time travel were possible, an individual could not change the outcome of previous events. The paper disputes the so-called grandfather paradox, which says there is a possibility that a time traveler could change the future by altering the past.

Pesce used the current coronavirus pandemic as an example. He said that if someone were to go back in time to keep patient zero from contracting or spreading COVID-19, the time traveler or someone else would become patient zero.

“The endpoint will always be the same, but you may get to it in a different way,” he said.

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