Lucas Kunce: China 'strategically captured our entire supply chain'

Lucas Kunce, the national security director at the American Economic Liberties Project, said that China has “strategically captured our entire supply chain” over the years, making the U.S. more “vulnerable.”

Kunce told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that the businessmen and women who testified during recent congressional hearings on tariffs revealed that the U.S. cannot make prom dresses, Bibles, weapons systems or U.S. dollars “without some components or resources coming from China.”

“So China has strategically captured our entire supply chain,” he said. “And it makes us vulnerable, and it hurts American workers too because we are losing skills that we need to try to get back and we’re losing good-paying jobs.”

Kunce argued that the U.S. economy and the individuals that control it pursue profit and “self-interest above everything else,” which, he claims, China has used to its advantage.

“They figured out that all of the things that we build and create in our industries are controlled by individuals, and these individuals are subject to the profit slave,” he said. 

“So if they want to get our industries, our intellectual property, our manufacturing base, anything, all they have to do is make it profitable for those individuals to make the decision to go to China, and they’ll do it,” he added.